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Fire Emblem: Awakening

Photo of Fire Emblem: AwakeningPhoto of Fire Emblem: AwakeningPhoto of Fire Emblem: Awakening
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  • Release Date: 2013-02-04
  • Players: 1
  • Genres: Role-Playing, Strategy
  • Developer: Intelligent Systems
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Rating: 7 / 10

Fire Emblem Awakening offers a unique blend of in-battle strategy, vast character customization, and lush 3D cinematic graphics that appeal to a wide range of gamers. In this game, you'll join Chrom, brother to Ylisse's empress and commander of its forces, in a fantasy world teetering on the brink of war. It's your duty to guide a team of Ylisse's finest soldiers--knights, mages, archers, and more--against the marauding Plegian bandits. To succeed, you will need to carefully choose the units you take into battle. As you lead your team through battles across maps that span entire kingdoms, your army will grow. Some characters are willing to join you quickly, while others may need more persuasion. Each character earns experience in battle, leveling up and gaining strength and abilities as they do so. It's up to you to guide their moves, choose their weapons, and direct their attacks.